Convert data-files to TIFF Files, and find bright spots


These are part of my PhD camera system, for converting raw data files to and from 32-bit greyscale TIFF images.
Wider applicability is likely to be limited, though they may be useful as examples for libtiff and for stream (part of ImageMagick).

These utilities work on the raw .cam format file (Hawaii chip raster) and corresponding TIFFs.
cam2tiff -h prints out a description of the input byte format and raster pattern.


  • cam2tiff re-arranges the pixels from the IR camera into a tiff. It also prints statistics about the pixels.

  • cam2dat and dat2cam extracts the pixels from the IR camera into a 4-column ascii data file and vice-versa. (Useful for fftplot etc).

  • beamfinder searches a tiff for candidate beams, and prints their coordinates.

  • getpixel extracts a given pixel's value addressed by {quadrant, x, y} wrt Hawaii chip, in the format 0xffeedd (from either .cam or .tiff file)

  • gencamtest generates tests files for cam2tiff: quadrants, gradients, lines, noise etc. (make example_files)


  • Documentation is in the README.txt, the man pages, and by invoking each command with -h. Or read the source (in C).
  • To install, simply: make && sudo make install
  • This is Free Software released under the GNU GPL v3+. Please feel free to take it, modify it, package it etc.
  • Author: Richard Neill. Do ask if you would like further information and assistance.


This was written as part of my PhD Infrared Camera system.
Whereas other programs are likely to be of use to the Internet community, cam2tiff is just part of my system documentation and bibliography.




Some selected files, from the tarball: Readme and Man-pages.


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