Photo of Richard Neill
In Italy, this summer. I'm on the left, and my brother, Alexander is on the right.

Richard Neill

This is the page where you get to find out all you never wanted to know about me, and more...

As you can see on the right, the "Red squirrel" from Antarctica has been returned to the wild. But I remain entirely penguinised. In fact, since I may also be spotted in a kilt on occasion, I am indeed a Scot of the Antarctic. And, having started gliding, I am living proof that penguins can fly!

Now at this point, I guess I have to write a proper introduction - for anyone who would care to read it! Rather than attempt to write an essay "Me, myself, and I: discuss" or some wittering on about how I was "born at an early age...", I am tempted to plagiariseborrow this C.V., but I suppose that, if you are still reading, you really want to know a little bit about me. So, here are a few snippets, of varying relevance.

  • You can discover a lot about a person from their reading habits. So, my page of links to other websites may be of interest. Actually, of course, there is this entire website! Also, here are some of my favourite quotations.
  • According to my brother, I am a "fidgetologist". In other words, "a tinkerer, who would unscrew the inscrutable".
  • I have 3 personal heroes; coincidentally, 2 of them are also named "Richard":
  • And some "keywords" which might be used about me or my interests:
    Antarctica, Astrophysics, Beethoven, Brahms, COAST, Cub, cuddles, Daemon, elegant, Flanders and Swann, flautist, flying, Freedom, geranium, Glenfiddich, gliding, GNU, ice-cream, Jaguar, kilt, latin, libertarian, Mahler, Maya gold chocolate, OM-2, Paradise Harbour, penguin, PHP, piano, riding, Romance, sabrage, salsa, satire, Scot, singing, skiing, tenor, theatre, Trinity, Tux, Wagner

OK, that's quite enough of the self-aggrandisement! You will find many other things here, which are hopefully of some interest...enjoy.