Richard Neill, Consultant Physicist


I am a consultant physicist, experienced in environmental consultancy and I.T. projects. I provide scientific consultancy services and technical advice, and have worked in areas including industry, environmental projects, and academia.

I can quickly grasp an individual situation, perform physical and mathematical modelling (in overview, or in precise detail) and then clearly explain it to other non-physicists. This has proved particularly useful to members of the business-community, confronted by techical projects which they are not themselves equipped to analyse.

Previous Projects

My previous projects have included:
  • Waves Power: I was commissioned by the Group Finance Director of a major British company to evaluate the technical design of a proposed wave-energy generator. I performed a detailed physical analysis to evaluate the likely real-world performance, and demonstrated this to the client; despite conflicting advice, I was proven correct, and the client acted in accordance with my report.
  • Warehouse IT systems: I worked with a major retailer on their new warehousing controls, in order to assist the divisional-manager with understanding the software implementation complexities. Following my report, he described our one-to-one conversation as "the clearest, most effective 57-minutes' advice on the project, since its inception."
  • Silicon Nanostructures: I researched the plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of silane, catalysed by gold. The creation of silicon nanowires has potential applications in nanomaterials and in semiconductor fabrication.
  • Infrared Camera system: I am working on an IR camera system for Infrared Optical Interferometry. This involves the design and construction of the sensor for a high-resolution telescope. I have designed and assembled the hardware, as well as the software from scratch.
  • Bespoke Software: I have written software for various bespoke applications, including video-streaming and post-processing; web interfaces, and microcontrollers. Some of this is published here.
I am currently in negotiations with a major oil company to evaluate a renewable energy scheme. (details confidential at this point)

Qualifications and References

I hold the degrees of M.Sci., M.A. and B.A. from Cambridge University, having read Natural Science (Physics, with Mathematics, and some Chemistry/Materials-Science). In addition, I received an M.Phil. in Engineering, also from Cambridge, for my work on Silcon Nanostructures. I hope to obtain my Ph.D in the near future.

My practical experience includes a great deal of electronics, software development, and teaching.

I would be happy to provide you with my CV and references on request.

What I can do for you

  • Mathematical modelling of real-world physical devices and situations - either approximations, or detailed high-precision calculations.
  • Explanation of scientific principles and problems to non-technical people. I have wide experience in teaching, which means I can tune my explanation to the experience and knowledge-level of the other person.
  • Validation of existing projects. I can provide anything from a basic "go/no-go" opinion based on an overview, down to a detailed technical report. I can analyse the feasibility, as well as suggesting potential enhancements.
  • Software deployment and design, especially open-source.
  • Electronics design and construction, including prototypes and one-offs.
  • Design and construction of models and demonstrations.
  • Access to other experts. Having previously worked with other experts, both academic and professional, in scientific and non-scientific fields, I can draw upon other expertise where needed.
  • Advice compatible with the real-world. I know what limitations exist in the real-world, and what is feasible for business.


I am happy to offer any initial discussions without charge; thereafter, my consulting rates are by negotiation.

Please contact me to discuss how I can be of help. I look forward to hearing from you.